Anni Myllyniemi

Anni Myllyniemi

Anni Myllyniemi (Finland)
2nd year student in Saimaa UAS

Title: ‘Koti on siellä missä sydän lepää’ – ‘Home is where the heart lies’ (Two Brooches).
Materials: Wood, brass, photograph, a bought lock.

“At the moment I feel like I don’t really have a home. For two years now I have lived in Imatra and it doesn’t feel like home to me at all. Even back in my hometown Lahti I don’t anymore have a place to call home since my childhood home was sold and at the time it shattered my heart. I do have friends and family there that I visit often but it never feels the same because I don’t have a room of my own anywhere.
I have decided to make a series of this theme of mine, which I will continue in the future but these two pieces are my favourite ones at the moment. My pieces reflect that no matter how damaged or hurt you feel where ever you are, in your heart you know what to call home. And even if at the moment you feel like you don’t have place of your own and your heart is locked up, some day it might open again.”

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