Christine Jalio

Christine Jalio

Christine Jalio
Contemporary Jeweller

Title: ‘Past, loss future’ (Conceptual Necklace).
Information about your piece:
Title: Past, loss, future
SilkClay, silver, brass

“I recently lost my father and this series of jewellery tells the story of my mothers grief, loneliness and ageing. This piece reflects how a person experiences life in his/her own home after the loss of the one person that is nearest to them. The emptiness, the silence, the loneliness of a home that once was filled with life. It tells the story of how home truly feels like home only if the persons that are important to you are there with you. Home is where your heart is. The picture (top lef) of my mother wearing this piece is taken at her home in the room my father had his study in, while he still lived. The picture of me has been taken while I am sitting in one of my cars from the year -67, in remembrance of my father because we shared the passion for old cars and life on the road. As I am bigger as a normal sized person in length and weight, the piece is in truer proportions when you look at it in the picture of my mother, for whos size I have actually made it. The series also includes other necklaces and brooches in different colours.”

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