Robyn Galway

Robyn Galway

Robyn Galway Jewellery Artist
Belfast, Ireland
Title: ‘Homemaker’ Conceptual Armpiece
Materials: Found Medical Equipment, Polyurethane Plastic, Elastic and Yellow Thread
‘Autumn 2014 was a busy time; I moved house and my grandmother passed away a few weeks later. This caused quite a shift in my perception of home. I had moved into an abandoned doctor’s surgery which was painted yellow, her favourite colour. The rooms filled with medical equipment, reminded me of the last few days I had with her. She was a home maker, full of love. It was the warmth from the sun that shone through the stain glass windows when I thought of her, that let me feel her. It was the silence that followed her death that let me hear my heart beat.
As I tidied, I found my material. As I mixed the plastic, I found my sunshine.
Life moves on and so do people but as long as I have her sunshine running through my veins, I will always feel at home.’

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