Inka Maarika

Inka Maarika

Inka Maarika
Inari, Finland
Title: Muottuu vuoiŋâs, (Conceptual Necklaces, partly temporary)
Materials: Photography, Snow, Hemp, Ice, Rose Quartz, Amber, Water Buffalo Horn, Fishing Line, Found Object, Willow

”For me, home doesn’t mean a house, the inhabitants of a house or a family. My home is my Inari-Sapmì family’s area of living, in the most north of Finnish Lapland. That’s before anything else landscape, nature and the changes of the seasons. To that I connect a unique minority culture, my people, who’s way of life and mental landscapes are shaped by arctic circumstances.

When I think of home, my thoughts go to the ground: to the areas covered by lichen, to sand, to unfertile rocky grounds on the shores of the lakes, underneath the stones and even deeper into the ground. Cohesion to the ground is not only spiritual, but the feeling also feels physically in the body, as a pressure in the gut.

During the winter the water systems, stones and lichen areas are covered with snow and ice. When the polar night starts, my home gets dark. Stars, moon and colorful aurora borealis brings light during the polar nights.

The memories of my childhood are connected to winter, fun and games on snow and ice. During the winter, the best thing is when you get to build a snow castle and have snow wars. In winter people gather on the ice to fish, ski and ice skate.

In my jewellery I’ve kept the spirit of the snow, that reassures us winter is cold enough. The spirit of the snow is worried. Climate change is already visible. What does that mean to the sensitive nature, animals and humans of the arctic areas and my home?”

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