Helle Helsner

Helle Helsner

Helle Helsner
County Cork, Ireland
Contemporary Jewellery
Title: ’Desire’ (Necklace)
Materials: Wool cast in aluminium and leather straps.

“Home, a desire for safety, for a place to call our own, for a place to belong, for a place to grow.
Originally from Denmark I moved to Ireland 20 years ago to study and subsequently found my home here.
I am in love with the Irish nature that surrounds me and I am deeply intrigued Ireland’s history. Ireland is a magical place and it is constantly evolving. The past 20 years has seen tremendous changes within Irish society and culture. I am proud to part of this change, just as I am proud of being part of an ancient tribe of metalworkers which has inhabited this country for thousands of years.
My piece is inspired by the uniquely Irish gold lunulaes (early Bronze Age) Using ancient casting methods in my contemporary art practise I enjoy fusing the ancient with the new, exploring methods and materials. I take deep pleasure in eexploring just how far my casting skills will take me and exploring just how far a material will take me.
I want my pieces to be a collaboration between new and old. I want them to convey a contemporary yet also deeply traditional Ireland.”

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