Emma Cahill

Emma Cahill

Emma Cahill
County Dublin, Ireland
Contemporary Jeweller

Title: ‘Garden Monster’ (Necklace)
Materials: 3D printed plastic, hand dyed, rubber tubing, steel rod, silver tubing.

“To me, home is spending time in my mother’s garden planting flowers and watching them grow. Gardening is a tradition in my family and is always a topic of conversation in my home. Flowers, plants and process is always discussed between my mother, father and grandmother and spending time in the gardening working hard is always a given.
Gardening is a tiring process of hacking and cutting but the results are beautiful and rewarding. My focus is on the gardening tools that aid this process.
This piece is inspired by a garden dipper and the colour of the spring onions in the garden.
I made this piece to celebrate the garden as a representation of my home by looking at elements such as colour and garden tools. By working with multiple disciplines from new technologies, traditional metalwork skills and textile techniques, I challenge preconceptions of the materials used for jewellery and to challenge old fashioned ideas of the garden.”

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