Angela O’Keefe

Angela O’Keefe is an experimental jeweller whose work is defined by its unique language using salt crystals, glass shards and crushed semi precious gemstones in combination with gold, silver, resin and pigment. Her practice is driven by experimentation and she often employs deliberate chance when creating her jewels.
The Salt Crystal Collection was inspired by a swim in the Dead Sea. Emerging from the water she was captivated by the crystals of salt that formed on her skin in the sunlight. For her, these Dead Sea crystals represented the very purest form of jewellery. Angela combines salt crystals with precious metals, resin and pigment to enhance the natural beauty and emphasise the elemental nature of salt, as an essential substance for life.

You can find out more information about Angela and her fabulous work through her website
You can also follow Angela on her facebook page
or on twitter @okeefejewellery

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