Lorna Boyle

Lorna Boyle is a recent graduate of the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, receiving First Class Honours in Craft Design: Jewellery and Metals. She is currently based in London where will be starting my MDes at Goldsmith’s University in September.

‘My work makes precious the overlooked spaces of our urban landscape. I focus on cracks in pavements and walls, recreating the negative spaces and treating the new solid objects as if precious stones, setting them in jewellery pieces. I achieve this through mould making and electroforming, as well as 3D scanning and printing. My jewellery pieces are designed to be precious relics of Dublin city, part of a reverse treasure hunt where the wearer is encouraged to seek out the origin of the piece. The idea is for the wearer to explore and engage with the city like never before, gaining a new understanding and appreciation for the beauty that can be found in the most mundane corners of our surroundings.’

You can find out more information about Lorna through her website http://lornaboyle.carbonmade.com/
You can also follow Lorna on her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lornaboyledesigner
Or Twitter @lorna_porna

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