Grace Wilson

Grace Wilson recently graduated from the University of Ulster, Belfast.

‘Like a painter, I play with materials instinctively; letting momentary happenings replace overworked designs and consequently bringing unexpected value that was never originally anticipated. Intrigued by the resourcefulness of African kids making toys from whatever they can find, my work questions what society counts as rubbish or of no value by transforming and giving everyday found materials purpose again. Just like these kids, I allow the honesty and directness of both the material and hand process to come through each piece by combining contrasting materials in a free and raw way to show the limitless qualities of humble materials. By purposely keeping the work in what might seem like an unresolved state it stays open to interpretation. This encourages the viewer to invest in the piece emotionally based on their own personal associations with what they see and to realize that it has a different kind of value- the kind of value that can’t be bought.

Second Chances
Objects that no longer seem usable in the eyes of one person are given a chance to live a second life when they pass through the makers hands. What previously was considered to be unusable becomes valuable again.’

You can find out more about Grace and her fabulous work through her website
You can also follow Grace on her twitter @gracewilson891

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