Tara J Murphy

Tara J Murphy is a contemporary jewellery from Belfast who now lives in England. Tara is currently artist in residence in the jewellery and metalwork department at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham where she also teaches and is a learning mentor for students with disabilities.

Tara is primarily concerned with the use, re-use and re-interpretation of materials. She is attracted to the transient nature and impermanent qualities found in the ephemera of everyday life. She finds beauty in the discarded and transforms these off-casts of consumer society into conscious and beautiful wearable items.

This line, while a new direction, continues Tara’s long held belief in being resourceful by seeking to use whatever materials are at hand. Discarded materials are utilised for their aesthetic and symbolic associations to act as visual reminders of material consumption leading to conversation, conservation and sustainable practices.

You can find out more information about Tara and her fabulous work through her website http://www.tjmdesign.co.uk

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