Kellie Crickard Ruddy

Kellie Crickard Ruddy recently graduated from the University of Ulster, Belfast.

Kellie is a contemporary jeweller preserving family traditions within Irish culture. Establishing a new language between materials passed down through generations. Using hybrid of materials, recreating the silhouette of pearls and using building materials i am putting a contemporary twist on traditional trades and processes that keep my family ethos alive. Using materials or processes that would have been used but in a new way I want to keep these alive, have there stories told. Keeping story telling alive but in the form of jewellery.
Wool pearls-wool set in a silhouette of a string of pearls, inspired by my grandmother working in a pearl factory in West Belfast.
Dipping- looking at the different processes that went on in the pearl factory, dipping and stringing, but adding other materials to represent different parts of my history,making up who I am.
Soap memories- the smell that evokes different memories, gender of soap, who used which soap and class status the soap represented. And remembering my granny leaving bars of soap everywhere, leaving the scent behind.
Brick pearls- using brick clay to represent my great grandfather, using the same processes,looking at trades and industries within Belfast.
Bogging-cutting the turf within Irish culture and traditions, memories of my grandfather on my dads side from Donegal.
Continuous string of pearls, never ending memories.

You can find out more information about Kellie and fabulous work through her website
Or you can follow Kellie on Twitter @kelliecrickard

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