Gillian Lynch. Project title: ‘New Wave’ Description: 3-D printed alumide, dyed nylon, steel, cast silver. Statement: ‘My work derives from visible force in nature such as tidal markings captured along the coast of my hometown. I gather forms and patterns from these settings, inspired by their fluid nature I recreate them by tracing, manipulating and playing with these silhouettes in computer aided design. I then extrude them along curvaceous lines designing unique flowing pieces. I create jewellery incorporating both traditional silversmithing techniques and the use of new technologies. My pieces focus of a variety of materials outcomes- silver, hand dyed 3-D printed nylon and metal compounds. I explore a colour palette varying from matte blacks to explosive violets. My wearable collection I have named ‘New Wave’, a homage to the use of new technologies and my inspiration.’

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